Watching Youtube the Libre way.

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Watching Youtube the Libre way.

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Sadly platforms like Odysee are not super popular with some youtubers (LTT,DVAU as an example) So that forces us to stay on the shitty site known as YouTube. and the site is far from being Libre. Not only is a bloated mess, it's also full of Google Spyware, Nonfree JavaScript and general Proprietary bullshit. This is completely unacceptable. and tools like LibreJS break the site.
So What can we do about this?

1-Get a list of all the yt channels you watch.
2-Get a RSS Reader. I Personally use Liferea but Fluent-Reader and Akregator are some great choices.
3-Get MPV or VLC. For most people I'd recommend MPV for this as video streaming on it is far easier.
4-Open your RSS Reader and Make a folder, name it anything you want.
5-Start adding your channels to the folder in your RSS Reader. You can do this by Going in the folder and adding a new subscription then just copy the yt link of that channel.
6-When they upload new content just go to your "Unread" folder and update it.
7-After finding the yt video you wanna watch just copy or drag&drop the link into MPV and it should start playing within a few seconds.

For downloading the Videos I use this ... Downloader

This method will allow you to bypass YouTube's bloat and Nonfree Proprietary Trash.
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