Welcome to Kumander Linux

The user friendly OS inspired by Windows 7

Enjoy 1000s of free, high quality apps

The Software Center features regular apps & Flatpaks

Google Chrome is the default browser

Transitioning from Windows to Linux has never been easier

Play your favorite games with Steam

Around 80% of the most popular games on Steam work out of the box on Linux

Complete office suite ready to use

LibreOffice is compatible with Microsoft Office

Create amazing looking videos with ease

Kumander Linux comes preloaded with the latest version of Kdenlive video editor

Turn your PC into a home recording studio

Record, mix and master your next masterpiece with Ardour 7

Not quite ready to let Windows go?

Run it as a virtual machine with Virtualbox

Live boot is built into the ISO

Test Kumander Linux without installing it by using the live boot option

Support forum is always available

If you need help, then you can post your questions in the forum

Kumander Linux is based on Debian 11 using XFCE Desktop Environment.