Can we have some options aside from Libre Office like OnlyOffice?

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Can we have some options aside from Libre Office like OnlyOffice?

Post by rialbbe »

Can we have some options aside from Libre Office like OnlyOffice?
This is just a suggestion to have some option as I used OnlyOffice as my main office suite.

Here's my terminal base install of OnlyOffice

OnlyOffice in Kumander Linux OS

Not included in Kumander Software Store
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Post by Roy »

Thank you so much for the input po. I actually thought pretty well and hard about this matter.

I only recently heard about OnlyOffice. So I tested it out and compared it to the newest version of LibreOffice.

My conclusion was:

1) OnlyOffice seems to be a bit too commercially oriented for my liking, with subscriptions for extra features. LibreOffice is just completely free.
2) OnlyOffice is rather monotone and lifeless with it's grey, minimalistic, mostly monochrome icons. LibreOffice's interface is fresh and colorful.
3) According to surveys, OpenOffice's user base is pretty low at around only 10% of Linux users, whereas LibreOffice is more like 60%+

These are my personal reasons for choosing to go with LibreOffice over OnlyOffice. Shipping both I think would just be confusing for the user.

Don't get me wrong though, I was very impressed with OnlyOffice. It behaved very much like the never versions of MS Office. Very professional appearance. Come to think of it, I should probably just make it available in the Software Center for the final 1.0 release.

Thanks again.

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Post by Licky »

U can change to any Office etc.
U have use the --purge option.
Search Google 4 the apt to remove libre.
I have changed frm Libre to Apache.
It ran smoother/faster start.
But there was/is a problem.
Mailcap destroyed.
usr/etc/mailcap config-file soffice delete. solved.
I don't debug mailcap.
There are some other problems with mailcap. I belive failure repositorys, any mismatch.
"Wrong mailcap format" say apt.
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