Dear visitor. Welcome to Kumander.org, the home of Kumander Linux.

First things first: Kumander Linux hails from the Philippines. The name Kumander simply means Commander in English.

It's actually a homage to Commodore (my 1st computer - a VIC20 no less), but I didn't think "Komodoro" sounded quite right. So Kumander it is.

As for myself, my name is Roy Hoejgaard and I am the lead developer of this Distro.

I am not originally from the Philippines, but I am married to a Filipina and I live here permanently now.

I am an INFP.

The Philosophy Behind Kumander Linux

• We believe that Microsoft peaked with Windows 7 - we pick up where they left off
• We bring back colorful icons, beautiful backgrounds and software with a real soul
• Low system requirements, meaning it will run fine on any old hardware
• Focus on user friendliness, openness and simplicity
• You, the user, are in total control

System Requirements

CPUSingle Core 1GHz 64bitDual Core 1GHz 64bit

If you have any questions or otherwise, then feel free to register an account and post your concerns in the forum.

I am not driven by money, but I do need to pay my bills and feed my family. Please consider donating.

Thank you and we hope you will enjoy using Kumander Linux.

With love,
Roy and Bernadette Hoejgaard